Sunday, 1 April 2012

National Cleavage Day-NS4W

One day I casually asked my septuagenarian mother what celebrity she fashioned herself after in the mid 1950s. Without missing a beat, she replied "Elizabeth Taylor" (in a way that added an implied d'uh).

It broke my heart. Elizabeth Taylor is arguably the most beautiful motion picture star ever. For one thing, those violet eyes. For another, all those marriages to Richard Burton.

Imagine having to prepare for every social outing, every festive occasion, every date, and every petting session, looking like the world's most beautiful woman?! And do all that on the salary of a checkout girl at Maiken's Groceteria?

Well it's 50 years later and we gave women the pill and liberated them. Then they progressed from secretaries to CEOs. Awesome. Mission Accomplished, am I right?

Well, no. On thing that hasn't changed one iota is that women are judged based by beauty standards that do not reflect the actual, natural way women look. The last time a man painted a painting of what a real women should look like is when Rembrandt painted Saskia, 400 years ago.

So imagined how pleased I was when I viewed this photo documentation of Britain's National Cleavage Day, an annual "celebration" created by Wonderbra in 2002.

Looking at the photo, I see a cluster of size 2s and 4s centre stage. Aaaaaaargh! But the models at each end of the photo represent far more realistic depictions of women. I see size 12s and 14s and 16s. I see Buddha bellies and muffin top. And to quote Mickey Avalon, she has "More junk in the trunk than a Honda / I know she wanna do the Jane Fonda."

The ethnic mix isn't very adventurous, 3 women of color out of eighteen. But you can't judge a person's ethnicity by their skin color. Trust me, being Romani isn’t a picnic

But my big take-away here is that the natural woman movement is reaching the tipping point. Several European nations are considering banning underage models and ridiculous photoshopping. In Canada it started with Dove's now-abandoned "Real Beauty" campaign.

And then finally what you trolls have been waiting for: The video of the event. People, we're trying to liberate, not fascinate....

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  1. Regrettably, I missed your last few posts, Mr. Fox. But, reading them today reminds me of why I enjoy you so much. Such a Renaissance man you are. In any event, your busty post makes me wonder what state our society is in when woman can (what appears to be) eagerly participate in such a meaningless and demeaning event. Sure, there is enjoyment in admiring the attributes of these young ladies, I must admit. But are these events designed to help distract us from what's really going on in the world? After all, aren't RBC's wash trading and the questionable future of RIM of more concern? Perhaps not. Let me take another look at your video and I'll let you know...