Saturday, 13 April 2013

Aquaculture + hydroponics = Fresh Garden Salad and Lemon Garlic Tilapia

Aquaponics is an awesome mash-up of container-based fish farming (aquaculture) and vegetables grown in a nutrient liquid (hydroponics). The awesome part is that the fish get nutrients from the plants, and the plants get nutrients from the fish's feces. Yes, they are kept alive by symbiotically sharing poo. Very much like a legislative body.

Aquaponics are the leading edge of what is happening in food production today:

  • It is by definition and design organic
  • It is available on a locavore basis
  • It applies the most advanced principles of polyphase agriculture
  • It can be very energy efficient, using narrow spectrum LED's to stimulate the chloroform process in the plants
  • It can be very energy efficient,  installed in underutilized spaces such as basements which maintain a constant temperature and typically have waste heat available (I'm talking to you, boiler room)
  • It can be grown 365 days a year, as opposed to the 7 month Canadian seed to harvest cycle
  • It can even be done at home!
It is almost brilliantly simple. And it is so easy to imagine restaurateurs offering not only their brewpub lager, but salads and fish entrées that were grown on premises. Fresh this very day!

Here's an article on the CBC Hamilton website that describes one such operation.

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  1. Thank you for sharing what you know about the advanced food production going on nowadays. A brilliant write-up worth reading.

  2. Thanks for your kind remarks Noah!