Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Cover Song Wednesdays - Cocktails for Two

I feel blessed having walked the Earth during a time when a succession of geniuses have used the Spike Jones brand to achieve both bright entertainment and evolve meta-critical pop subculture into a post-modern context. Spike Jonze, of Adaptation and such we will deal with in another context.

Here we look at the Hollywood parodist and showband conductor Spike Jones.

The tune Cocktail for Two was a perfectly workmanlike racy post-prohibition celebration of Bacchus. It was also tailor-made for the alternative genius of Spike Jones. A comedy anarchist, he occupies a place in musical history between the Marx Brothers and Victor Borge on one hand and The Tubes and Weird Al Yankovic on the other.

Anyhoo, the first rule of comedy is: if I am explaining it, I have lost the joke. Here are two "Soundies" featuring the musical genius of Spike Jones...


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