Monday, 31 March 2014

Prime Mover Mondays - The Packard Bentley "Mavis"

The Packard Bentley "Mavis" is the ultimate kit car. Yes, that is a 1930s Bentley racing car body. And yes, that is a WWII-era 42 liter, 1,500 bHP Packard diesel engine of PT boat origin. But no-one conceived of that as a form of transportation until the inspired British racing enthusiast Chris Williams got out his wrench set and made it all happen.

Some things that I love about this clip:
  • The flames shooting out of the exhaust manifolds
  • The fact that the car, racing on an airstrip, sounds like a WWII fighter place
  • The live steam that emerges when least expected

If you want the factual background, then visit this Wiki page

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