Monday, 30 March 2015

1936 - The General Idea is 3 Stooges and a Funeral feat. filter-tipped ziggurats...

Note - My father recently passed away after 83 years on this earth. I'd like to commemorate his life with a memory project by featuring some milestone events from each year he lived.

1936 provides an interesting and direct connection between my father and I. '36 was the year the 3 Stooges short film episode 19 "Slippery Silks" was released. As with all 190 Stooge episodes whatever occurs is low humor with no elegance. This particular episode has the Stooges designing milady's dainties, if you could imagine.

From my crow's nest the interesting aspect is that the marquetry cabinets the Stooges design as dayware are perfectly echoed in the ziggurat blinds of General Idea's 1978 Miss General Idea Pavilion fashion show (Of which I was the post-production supervisor). Apparently my father and I had much in common in the fine art world.

And the bonus round - if you subscribe to Soundcloud, follow the link to The Dishes (feat. Murray Ball) Hot Property

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