Tuesday 24 September 2013

Disconnect the DOTs

These are DOT 111- type railcars. It was a similar model that caused so much destruction at Lac Megantic...

Thursday 5 September 2013

Maleic Anhydride Production

Another in my series of highly formalist pieces documenting our built environment...

Here's some background on the production facility from www.bartek.ca
"Bartek manufactures high purity maleic anhydride at their Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada plant. This facility utilizes the latest in butane catalytic conversion technology in Bartek-designed and built reaction and refining systems. 

"Centrally located in southern Ontario, Bartek conveniently serves both the US and Canadian markets.

"As a large consumer of maleic anhydride for the production of malic and fumaric acids, Bartek Ingredients has a long term commitment to the production of this industrial commodity. Bartek is dedicated to providing consistency in both quality and availability to their customers."

Bartek Ingredients