Tuesday 24 June 2014

The Government How Many Fingers (1981) -Name Check Edition


Here is who appeared in the work...

Filmmakers log. Prepared Alan Fox, Co-Director with Andrew James Paterson.

Mise en Scene et Artistes

INT Operating Room Control Room
Billy Bryans
Andy and Robert on Video
Paulette Phillips Nurse?
Popup factoid: On the clock, 4:30 is 4:30 am, not 1630hrs.
Popup factoid: The animation was produced in Telidon by Robin Collyer CGI director
Today we call Telidon the World Wide Web.

INT Game Show
Robert Stewart sweating panelist
Andrew Paterson gesturing host

INT Examination Room
Billy Bryans (Doctor/fingers guy)
Robert Stewart
Martin Heath (Yes, Mr. Cincecycle) (technician fiddling with knobs)

INT Elevator
Popup factoid: I demanded that special lens, although on this print it's soft under the low light. Must be the print.

INT Hallway
Mental patients - anyone remember?

On Screen CU
Popup factoid: Shot 2nd Unit. The fingers foreground are Alan Fox’s

INT Hallway
Kim Tomczak Patient Transfer

INT Operating Room
Paulette Phillips nurse at left?
Doctor Jeremiah Chetchik
Amy Wilson nurse on right

Parents Brian Burnett, Tanya Mars, Brian & Rae’s son

EXT at Brant Avenue School

INT Schoolroom
Martin Heath as Teacher
Andrew Paterson as Fascist Pastor

INT Operating Room Recovery
Robert Stewart again

INT Dance Club
George Whiteside Doorman
Annie Nicolaivich
Oliver Girling and Rae Johnston whisk Robert in.
Popup factoid: Damn Oliver, that's STILL a nice fedora!

Martin Heath & Sybil Goldstein BG dancers

DJ David Buchan

Andy Fabo, Tim Jocelyn BG dancing male couple

Remo & Rima xxxx, Kenny Baird At Podium, Ralph Roberts (BG)
Annie Nicolaivich & Duncan Buchanan, Punk Couple at wall?

Popup factoid: Primary location was the Studio at Trinity Square Video.
Today you call it CITY TV

Popup factoid: Great props by Robin Collyer. Love the callipers. Love the O.R. green.
Also love the scrubs. Anyone recall who did the wardrobe?