Friday 15 December 2023

Yonge Dundas Square is now Sankofa

 The city of Toronto is naming a public space Sankofa a word from the Akan language of Ghana.Here are ten beautiful Akan words that convey poetic descriptions of humanity:

  1. Nhyira (pronounced 'n-CHI-rah'): Meaning 'blessing' or 'goodness,' this word reflects the positive essence within individuals.
  2. Owia (pronounced 'oh-WEE-ah'): Signifying 'life' or 'vitality,' it captures the dynamic and vibrant nature of human existence.
  3. Sankɔfa (pronounced 'san-KOH-fah'): Though associated with the idea of learning from the past, it also embodies the concept of resilience and the beauty of learning and evolving.
  4. Nsoromma (pronounced 'en-SO-rahm-mah'): Translating to 'star,' it symbolizes the unique brilliance and potential within every person.
  5. Akoma (pronounced 'ah-KOH-mah'): Representing 'heart,' it embodies emotions, love, and the spiritual essence of humanity.
  6. Nsa (pronounced 'en-SAH'): Meaning 'finger' or 'hand,' it signifies human touch, connection, and the ability to create and shape the world.
  7. Aya (pronounced 'ah-YAH'): Signifying 'fern,' it's a metaphor for endurance, growth, and adaptability—the traits that define human resilience.
  8. Nkɔsoɔ (pronounced 'en-KOH-soh'): Translating to 'wisdom' or 'intelligence,' it represents the intellectual capacity and knowledge embedded in individuals.
  9. Mogya (pronounced 'MOH-djah'): Meaning 'blood,' it symbolizes the familial and communal ties that bind humanity together.
  10. Ɔkra (pronounced 'OH-krah'): Representing 'soul' or 'spirit,' it encompasses the essence of an individual's inner being and identity.
These words not only carry linguistic beauty but also encapsulate profound aspects of human nature and experience.

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