Saturday, 7 January 2012

Staples! That was ez???

As the digital media specialist who keeps our company’s ez business web site aloft each day, I know ez from "ez". Does this sound "ez" to you?

Task: Order ONE page be printed from health coverage provider so I can manually submit claim for ambulance ride on Oct 13 2011 (The fact that it has taken two months just to get to the point where I can submit claim is itself, NOT ez)

Step One:
Find someone at the company on a Saturday morning to send health care provider webpage link. (Because my computer died the first day of my sick leave I have ZERO of my old data available and ZERO of my old software available). NOT ez
My boss sends the link via BB! What a power executive! Thanks Boss!

Step Two:
Go to health care provider website and A) Bookmark the link

Step Three:
Enter the one billionty digit number that is my ID code. Fortunately that is in the hidden zipper compartment of my tote bag)

Step Four:
Enter the password. Oh dear. I've been on short term leave for two months. Every one of my passwords has expired. Try the last password I was using before I went on leave.
Password a no go. Decision - Try the next possible password and get locked out of health care website on Saturday morning and will need President of Company to travel to the Himalayas and reset password. (Hey, Sandy was in the Himalayas this summer. She could have reset my password.)
Alternative: Name of first childhood pet.
Decision: Woof Woof!

Step Five: I'm IN!! Woo Hoo. Locate paper form and download PDF. PDF must be filled in before printing and mailing.

Step 6: Go to Staples website. Had just bought external hard drive by mailorder so I am in their system. That was ez!

Step 7: Password rejected. Decision - use their password recovery, which actually works. I'm IN! That was ez

Step 8: Navigate to Copy & Print Centre. Hey, my session login didn't carry over from the store. Extra step. Not ez!

Step 9: Login to Staples Copy & Print Centre using my recovered Staples store user credentials. Credentials NOT ACCEPTED! NOT ez!

Step 10: Create a new user account. Trying to print ONE one page form and am on THIRD new user account. Not ez! Password schema requires I include a word that is English but includes a letter that is an Ümlaut. NØt ÊZ!

Step 11: Sign in page now rejecting me because I do not have a "Business Discount Program" ID number. NØt ÊZ!!

Step 12: Resolve that issue (It was due to the Chrome browser.) Why is it I use a browser that only me and Netscape inventor Marc Andreesen use? Because Andreeson's gf Gina Bianchini is a nerd's dream. Ergo I, as the World's other Chrome user, am overdue to get a gf within an order of hotness of Gina Bianchini. Tho' possibly not while I am on a drip tube and doing daily radiation.

Step 13 Time for the checklist:
  • Have the health care provider website access and needed form customized!- check
  • Have the Staples account I don't need - check
  • Have the Staples Copy & Print Centre account I DO need - check
  • Downloading the plugin that makes Staples Copy & Print Centre act like the printer on my desktop. Check! And Mega EZ!!
Step 14: FAIL! Whilst downloading print software module (whilst in Chrome) Internet Explorer Nine installs itself and goes to the Internet Explorer NINE launch screen taking control of my desktop!
  • FAIL! Customized health care provider form disappears from screen
  • FAIL! Staples Copy & Print Centre account disappears from screen mid upload
  • FAIL! Cannot relogin to any website.
  • FAIL! Cannot create a new Ümlaut

STEP 15: Since I am a CHROME Ninja I recover
- Health care provider website access and customized form
- Staples Copy & Print Centre account WITH upload intact!

STEP 16: Place order for a one page copy! Success!

That was ez!

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  1. How very creative, Mr. Fox. Only 16 steps? That was easy. Good stuff and I look forward to savouring the tidbits. -- Wilson