Thursday, 29 March 2012

Ça plane pour moi

In 1977 Belgium super-vedette Lou Deprijck scorched a saxophone line onto a section of 24 track analogue audio recording tape, thereby thrusting Plastic Bertrand's Ça plane pour moi into chart-busting overdrive.

While "I'm coming out" is generally considered the first "gay" liberation song, really all Disco is gay liberation music. It is Deprick's second wave efforts that really defines the out music for my generation. No begging for acceptance. Just gay porn at thrash metal speed.

Stephanie du, "The Ironic Mr Fox's" French go-too femme, ecrive'd "I have the song in French and listen to it often. I love it. I can't make sense of about half of what is sung because it's so heavy with slang and with foreign french expressions I have never heard before. I suspect this is done on purpose. I believe the title means something like despite everything in the world everything is alright with me, or something like "this works for me". The literal translation is "This slides for me" (like, it's smoooooth)." Thanks, Steph!

At almost exactly the same time the pseudonymed Elton Motello recorded Jet Boy Jet Guy on the same backing track, but adding underage gay teen sex to the lyric.

I assumed the whole thing would go 1980s mix trivia. But by accident I discovered a virtual cottage industry of Ça plane pour moi covers. They still record this thing. Here are some of the best.

The Lost Fingers
An Django Reinhart inspired cover of Ça plane pour moi Tears Swedish hotties covering Plastic Betrand. What a beautiful world in which we live in Telex An 8bit a medicore cover mais un formidale punk neue Insanely, Ça plane pour moi is in the the 127 Hours Soundtrack

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