Thursday, 6 September 2012

Tear up your Netflix Card!

Troma Films has announced they are publishing a library of 150 feature films on Youtube available for free viewing! That's right, it's all there – From Alien Blood to Zombiegeddon, brought to you courtesy of the studio that produced The Toxic Avenger Parts 1 through IV.

Troma Films on Youtube

The library features early classics of horror cinema such as 1940s The Ape, directed by William Nigh and starring Boris Karloff, and slightly more camp fare, such as Rockabilly Vampire, The Rowdy Girls and Yeti: A Love Story. And then startling and watchable trash such as Martin Walz's 1996 meisterwerke Killer Condom.

The absolute end-of-career star-slumming of The Seduction Of Dr Fugazzi starring "Help get me out of this picture" Faye Dunaway is contrasted with the screen debuts of today's stars, as in The Wedding Party, an early Brian DePalma work featuring the first appearance of Robert DeNiro and Jill Clayburgh

And there are truly hidden gems, such as John Michael McCarthy's Superstarlet A.D. starring Kerine Elkins, Gina Velour and Michèle Carr. Not really the exploitation picture it pretends to be, it is really a shining example of feminist art cinema. Highly recommended!

Don't forget to hook up your VCR while enjoying the finest in trash cinema!

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