Saturday, 14 March 2015

Gold diggings from 1934

Note - My father recently passed away after 83 years on this earth. I'd like to commemorate his life with a memory project by featuring a milestone event from each year he lived.

It seems unlikely, but it was not until 1934 that historic evidence proved Laura Secord's claim to have walked 15 miles to warn the Loyalists of the imminent American attack,

What is now the Vineland Research Station (agricultural research facility) expands the Dominion Entomological Laboratory in Vineland when it opens a St Davids facility.

Avondale Dairies adds a second delivery route!

St. George's Anglican Church genealogical records from 1934 are now available in microfilm at McMaster University.

My Dad always loved the official Province of Ontario Road map. Here's the 1934 edition...

If you're from St Catharines you believe the zipper was invented here. Which is a corporate marketing history "fact". The truth that goes with that is dreary and detailed. A true fact that can be shared is that the zipper was used for backpacks and other portable pockets until the then-Prince of Wales had his tailor add a zipper fly to his Saville Road suits.

Voila fashion!

I always find aerial views difficult to interpret but here's a great selection of "Then and Nows" of Merritton.

In 1934 a sleazy wrestling promoter was fined by the Ontario Athletic Commission for fraudulent practices in bouts in communities including St Catharines.

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