Wednesday, 8 April 2015

The King gave a speech - Ironic Mr Fox 1937 Falls Freezes Over Edition

In 1937 my father turned 6 and was now in school.

It was an exciting time in Thorold... there was a royal coronation to celebrate as George VI was made King. Yes, this was the "King's Speech" King. Here's the facade of Macartney's pharmacy bedecked in bunting.

And it's Still there. Here's a recent image of the front facade of Macartney's (later Henderson's) Drug Store courtesy of Thorold's LACAC.

Yet the Great Depression still loomed over the economy. Just up the road and down the hill Fort George was being restored to 1813 splendor, a "famine folly" that used government funds to put food on the tables of the working poor, and ensure an historic attraction that would last to today.

Just up the road the other way, Niagara Falls freezes over.

Trans Canada Air Lines takes off, serving the upper crust... Eventually they would become Air Canada, with the motto "We're not happy until you're not happy".

Note - My father recently passed away after 83 years on this earth. I'd like to commemorate his life with a memory project by featuring some milestone events from each year he lived.

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