Monday, 20 October 2014

Wind Mill Mondays - It's clog - It's clog - It's better than bad - It's good

The polder - unique landscape under sea level
A childlike sequence that explains how the windmill is used to drain sea water from The Netherland's below-sea-level territories.

The Story of Dutch Windmills
In practical terms this is a 90 second commercial for a DVD set. But it sets the stage for what is to follow here...

Werken met Wind en Water (In Dutch only)
I love the part when the rugged windmill keeper describes that this mill pumps "hundreds of liters of water per minute" from the polder (drainage pond).

A 200 year old Dutch windmill at work.
Windmill "Onrust" (Unrest) was build in 1809.
It is still in full use for drainage, and in control of the water level of the "Naardermeer". This nature reserve (680 ha / 1700 acres) with lakes and marshland is located just east of Amsterdam.

Hoe krijgen we die polder droog?

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